Cold Lake Air Show 2022


Cold Lake Air Show Frequently Asked Questions:

General Safety Guidelines:
We are committed to ensuring guests have a fun and safe family experience during this year’s Cold Lake Air Show.
General Guidelines

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

  • All forms of weapons are prohibited. All persons, vehicles and hand carried items are subject to search while entering or exiting 4 Wing Cold Lake. Narcotics, drug paraphernalia and alcohol are strictly prohibited. There will be alcohol available for purchase on-site. There is no tolerance for fighting or protesting. Failure to follow the rules may result in prosecution and removal from the 4 Wing Cold Lake Air Show.
  • Smoking and non-tobacco products (ex. e-cigarettes) are permitted in designated smoking areas only that are clearly marked. Please note that cannabis is not permitted on premises at the Air Show.
  • There is enough grass space to accommodate several thousand people. And when you’re looking up, there’s not a bad seat in the house! Personal umbrellas and lawn chairs are welcome but large parasols and pop-up tents are not permitted. Large tents can easily be carried away by the wind, creating a safety hazard.
  • Shaded areas are rare at any Air Show. Please plan accordingly and be sure to bring sunscreen and hats. It may at times be noisy so consider bringing ear protection too.
  • Food and drink will be available for purchase and FREE water refills will also be available.


Will I be required to be vaccinated from COVID-19 to attend the Air Show?

The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and the Cold Lake Air Show will be following all required government regulations with regard to COVID-19 protocols at the time of the Air Show in July. Currently, we will not be requiring proof of vaccination or masking for attendees while at the event.

What should I bring with me to the Air Show?

In order to ensure that you enjoy the show as much as possible, attendees are encouraged to first and foremost dress according to weather conditions.

Seating will not be available at the show, so visitors are encouraged to bring a folding chair if they wish to sit.

There will be a number of food vendors on the Air Show grounds in addition to a variety of static displays and information booths. These vendors will have both food and drink available for purchase. For those who wish to bring refreshments with them, patrons are permitted to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages with them so long as they are carried in a bag or soft-sided cooler only, but please be aware that all bags and carried items are subject to search by gate security staff and additional wait times will occur.

Prohibited Items:

  • Weapons (including, but not limited to knives, firearms, explosives, bio/radiological substances)
  • Scanners
  • 2-Way Radios
  • Coolers (larger than 2 Gallons) unless medically required
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Large Backpacks
  • Narcotics and Paraphernalia
  • Camera Bags (larger than 1 cubic foot)
  • Pop up Tents
  • Roller Blades, Skates, Skateboards, (kick and electric) scooters
  • Bicycles
  • Pets (service animals are admitted with hosts)

Permitted Items:

  • Children’s wagons (non-motorized)
  • Small Cooler (smaller than 2 gallons)
  • Food and Beverage (non-alcoholic)
  • Standard Backpack
  • Fanny Packs / Purses
  • Cell / Smart phone
  • Camera Bags (smaller than 1 cubic foot)
  • Diaper Bags
  • Folding Chairs and Lawn Chairs
  • Collapsible strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hand Held Umbrellas
  • Handicap Authorized Scooters Only

Your full cooperation is requested at all times to ensure that everyone enjoys the Cold Lake Air Show as much as possible.

Can I get a ride in a CF-18 (or other CAF aircraft)?
Although 4 Wing will not be authorizing any civilian CF-18 Hornet flights, the public will be able to view the fighter and many other Cold Lake Air Show aircraft up close during the static display portion of the show.
Is it possible to fly a recreational/personal aircraft into 4 Wing Cold Lake for the Air Show?

We will soon be accepting applications for General Aviation aircraft owners to be a part of our Air Show’s static display. More details coming soon. Otherwise, there is no plan to allow visitors or spectators to arrive at 4 Wing Cold Lake by airplane.

Are telephoto camera lenses authorized during the Cold Lake Air Show?
During the Cold Lake Air Show, personal camera equipment, including long range telephoto lenses will not be restricted. Attendees are reminded to always stay within prescribed viewing areas, and to respect the boundaries of fellow Cold Lake Air Show spectators. Visitors to the Cold Lake Air Show are encouraged to enjoy the show as much as possible but to always keep safety at the top of their minds.
Where can I purchase tickets? Are VIP zone tickets for sale?

Tickets will be available for purchase online 1 December 2021 (including VIP tickets). Click here to purchase. General Admission tickets will also be at the Cold Lake Air Show entrance gates.

May I bring my pets with me to the Cold Lake Air Show?

Unfortunately we are not permitting visitors to bring their pets with them to the Cold Lake Air Show. If visiting the area from out of town, we encourage you to leave your pets at home with a neighbor, friend or to an accredited and trusted kennel service and to not leave them in your parked vehicle. Service animals are permitted so long as they have proper markings and/or identification.

Will there be a place to lock up my bike at the front gate?

We encourage those wishing to take alternate forms of transportation to the Cold Lake Air Show to do so. As a way of making this initiative more accessible and easier, bike racks will be positioned near the main front gate to the show.

Please feel free to lock up your bike and enjoy the show with the peace of mind in knowing that your bike is safe and secure.

Where can vendors go for information about becoming involved in the Cold Lake Air Show?

The Cold Lake Air Show appreciates this event is a unique opportunity to showcase and highlight a number of local and regional businesses, and thanks all vendor requests for their interest in becoming involved.

The primary goal of the Cold Lake Air Show is to put on a world class airshow, in the form of an affordable experience for the entire family. In order to reach our goal, our plan is to focus on delivering and enabling services which will enhance the air display experience for all spectators. For this year’s show, we will not be hosting any vendors outside those who provide food services or are directly linked to the Department of National Defence.

Please click here for food vendor information.

Will there be shuttles available for those with limited mobility to get from the parking areas to the entrance gates?
A limited number of disabled parking spaces will be reserved close to the entrance gates for Air Show guests with a valid disabled parking placard. Once parked, you can either make your way to the entrance gate on your own, or flag down one of the many golf carts passing through the parking area. Golf carts do not constitute a shuttle service, and will be available on a first come, first served basis only. Please keep in mind once a golf cart is requested, it may take several minutes for one to pick you up; we appreciate your patience as we work to serve all Air Show guests equally.

There will also be a “people mover” wagon that will transport passengers on the grounds from one gate to the other gate.

Can I come to the Air Show in an ATV?
We ask that anyone coming to the Air Show in their ATV do so safely and follow appropriate trails. Parking will be accommodated for any ATVs.
Will the viewing area be open during Friday’s pre-Air Show practice slot?

The viewing area will be closed to the general public starting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 14, 2022. The area will be clearly marked by traffic cones and will remain closed for the remainder of the Air Show, re-opening on Monday July 18, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. We appreciate your assistance and understanding.