PullThePumperCF-18 Pull at the Air Show

Can you and your friends or co-workers pull more than 18,700kg along a 20m course? The 4 Wing Charities Committee will be sponsoring the CF-18 Pull at the upcoming Cold Lake Airshow 2016. Put together a 10-person team and test your strength and endurance against Canada’s premier fighter aircraft.

On both Saturday, 16 July 2016, and Sunday, 17 July 2016, the CF-18 Pull will be held between 0900-1100 hrs on the tarmac during the Cold Lake Airshow. The team with the best time from both days will receive a certificate documenting their accomplishment and will have significant bragging rights.

This event is open to all comers – military and civilian, male and female. All participants must sign the requisite Waiver. If you can get together a team of 10 people and collect the $100.00 registration fee, you can experience the challenge of pitting yourselves against the machine (and, of course, the other teams trying to beat your time).

Put together a team, give yourselves a memorable name, show your unit with similar outfits and, if you are really enthusiastic, create a team cheer or song to intimidate your rivals.

Please contact MFRC to register your team. Questions regarding this event can be directed to WO Patricia Schwindt, Deputy Wing Charities Officer, 780-840-8000 extension 7960.

More general info here. Download registration form here.

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