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When you consider the fact that a car enthusiast and an aircraft enthusiast is separated by only about a half chromosome, then Precision Exotics is the perfect answer for them both. We not only offer you the opportunity to drive the most recognizable exotic cars in the world, but we do so at the most exciting venue possible, a live airshow! We travel to airshows across the country bringing our collection of exotic vehicles to the tarmac. We offer those a chance to test their skills behind the wheel of some of the most recognizable exotic cars in the world.

The "Precision Autocross"

The Precision Autocross is a specially designed, coned track that's normally setup on the airshow grounds. It's a great way to experience every aspect of an exotic car's blistering speed, braking ability and handling prowess. After you've completed registration you'll meet your driving instructor, get a comprehensive overview of the exotic you've chosen and then take to the track for 3 laps of intense enjoyment!

Requirements to drive are you must be 18 or older with a valid driver's license. You may ride with an instructor if you prefer or if you don't meet the driving requirements. There's no age limit to ride but you must fit safely in the seat belt. No passengers allowed. These cars have only 2 seats and one must always be filled by an instructor. Regular price is $199 but airshow guests will receive 50% dropping the price to only $99! All prices are in US dollars. We accept cards, Canadian & US cash.

The 2 cars to choose from will be a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a 2007 Ferrari F430.

Visit to buy tickets & make a reservation prior to the show.

Enter discount code "Cold Lake" to receive the 50% discount.

Precision Air Show Performance

Precision Exotics has partnered with some of the biggest names in the airshow industry to bring unique performances to select air shows across the country. The Cold Lake performance will include a “car vs plane” in a high speed runway race between fellow performer Melissa Pemberton in her impressive Edge 540 stunt plane.

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