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Bruce “Frac” Evans lives in Calgary, Alberta. Bruce is a professional Geologist who is involved in resource exploration throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa. Bruce attended Queen’s University at Kingston. Growing up in an Air Force family the Evans’ traveled throughout Canada. Bruce’s father was initially an aircraft maintenance engineer, who later re-mustered to become a radar specialist. Growing up in the Air Force Bruce developed an interest in aviation, which was further fostered when the family purchased a Cessna 172. The Cessna became the airline for travel to and from university.

Throughout Bruce’s resource exploration career, aircraft were an important asset and were used extensively, both for transportation and in the completion of geophysical surveys. Bruce eventually started his own Airborne Geophysical Survey Company to support his projects.

After a long search for the ideal Warbird in 2007 Bruce purchased his T-28B Trojan. The T-28 is the last of the big piston engine military aircraft built. The T-28 served with the US Navy between 1954 and 1983, when the T-28 flight was retired. Bruce’s T-28 was manufactured in 1955 and served in the US Navy with Squadron VT-27 “Boomers” at Corpus Christi Texas for the majority of her career. Up to 1983 almost every US Naval Aviator trained in the T-28, and would have received their Carrier Qualification on the T-28C. A little known fact is that numerous Canadian military pilots trained on the T-28 at US Naval Air Station Pensacola and received their carrier qualifications there, before returning to Canada and flying off the RCN aircraft carriers. The T-28 is an extraordinary aircraft, she is surprisingly large at a gross takeoff weight of just under 9000 pounds, delivers jet-like performance with the help of her 1425 horsepower Wright Cyclone R-1820 radial engine, and is very maneuverable.

Bruce holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating, a T-28 Endorsement, and a low level aerobatic clearance to 250’. Throughout his career Bruce has accumulated over 4100 hours of flight time experience.

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