C 177CC-177 Globemaster

The Cold Lake Air Show is pleased to have this air display for the 2018 show. Here's a little info about the Globemaster.

Top Speed: 829km/h
Range: 10,390km
Wingspan: 51.74m
Length: 53.04m
Crew: 3

With a long-standing need of strategic airlifting for humanitarian and military operations, the CC-177 (or C-17) Globemaster has been able to fill that role. With its 4 turbojet engines it is able to generate over 18,000 kilograms of thrust, allowing to remain rapid, reliable, and strategic in its operations. This power can allow the aircraft to transport 3 Griffon helicopters, 1 Leopard II tank, or up to 102 paratroopers.

After the delivery of Canada’s 5 C-17’s in 2007, they have engaged in operations such as relief to Jamaica after Hurricane Dean, and recovery missions in Haiti in 2010. The Globemaster has also taken place in missions as recent as OP REASSURANCE and OP IMPACT.

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