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Ken Fowler

Ken grew up in British Columbia and started his aviation career by first earning his glider license in 1977. In 1978 he joined the Canadian Military as an airframe technician and worked on T-33's, CF-101 Voodoos, and CF-18's before becoming a flight engineer in 1988.

Ken has built several of his own aircraft, and is now building a jet of his own design. To date he has over 7500 hours of flying experience as a airline transport pilot and flight engineer. Ken served in two theaters of war, Central America and the Middle East. After retirement from the military on May 15/98 with 20 years of service he took over as the Airport Manager at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. During his last five years with the military he toured the air show circuit with the Skyhawk Parachute Team as one of the crew members of the Buffalo aircraft. Ken has flown airshows from coast to coast, and can be seen throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Eric Hansen

Eric comes from a flying family, having been introduced to aviation at an early age by his father, a commercial helicopter pilot. Eric remembers flying, at the controls, long before he was tall enough to reach the rudder pedals (he had a little help in the turns from his father). Now Eric is carrying on the tradition with his son age 13 teaching him to fly from an early age. A pilot for 32 years, Eric has over 7000 hours in a variety of aircraft, over 50 different types at last count.

When he’s not flying, Eric resides in Cold Lake Alberta where he is a full time dentist as well as a CFI and aerobatic flight instructor. Eric owns a number of airplanes and is very generous when it comes to getting young pilots up flying. He is also an experienced competition pilot. Flying as the other half of Team Rocket Eric can be seen at airshows throughout Canada, U.S. , Mexico and Central America. This year is Team Rockets 16th season flying as a team.

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