F22F-22 Demo Team

For 2018 you will only have one opportunity to see the world's most advanced fighter jet in Canada, and that's at the Cold Lake Air Show!

The F-22 Raptor is the most sought after Fighter jet display in North America. The displays wows even the most seasoned fighter pilots in the crowd. Maj Paul "Loco" Lopez will display the incredible maneuverability of the Raptor as he puts the aircraft through a series of tail slides, rudder pedals turns, micro loops and moves that seem to defy all aerodynamic laws. With its 70,000 lbs of thrust, the F-22 Raptor display will fly from very low high alpha speeds to near supersonic. This aircraft literally beats the air to submission!

We are thrilled that the United States Air Force Air Combat Command has selected Cold Lake as the only Canadian appearance for the 2018 Cold Lake Air Show season.

The F-22 will be an integral part of our display as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of NORAD.

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