E 3CE-3C Sentry (AWACS)

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Top Speed: 855km/hr
Range: 7,400km
Wingspan: 44.42m
Length: 46.61m
Crew: 4 (Mission crew of 13-19)

First introduced in 1977, the E-3 Sentry (AWACS) is a critical aircraft in aerial radar, its capability as an early warning detection aircraft allow it to coordinate other aircraft, redirecting them to potential targets. The AWACS is used primarily by the USAF, NATO, RAF, and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

This particular model (E-3C) was developed with an AN/APY-2 radar, as well as additional electrical upgrades and consoles, there are 10 of them worldwide. Many users of the AWACS plan to keep them in service by completing upgrades to the new model (E-3G) due to the effectiveness of the aircraft.

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