CT 114CT-114 Canadair Tutor

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Top Speed: 741km/h
Range: 648km
Wingspan: 11.12m
Length: 9.75m
Crew: 2

This single turbojet engine aircraft is a Canadian Air Force icon. It was originally used in the 1960’s to train our student pilots, however was replaced in the 2000’s by the CT-156 Harvard and the CT-155 Hawk. The aircraft is known for its aerobatic ability, being able to make steep 2G turns at 25,000ft.

The reason for the Canadair’s status as an icon is for its current use as the aircraft flown by 431 Squadron’s Snowbirds. The tutors flown by the Snowbirds are slightly upgraded, with a superior engine to enable higher performance flying at lower altitudes for better aerobatics.

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