CC 115CC-115 Buffalo

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Top Speed: 416km/hr
Range: 2,240km
Wingspan: 29.25m
Length: 24m
Crew: 4 (6 for SAR)

Originally developed as a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft, the Buffalo is able to carry the same load as a CH-47A helicopter. Its ability to take-off and land in shorter distances than most light aircraft makes it ideal for emergency search and rescue.

Based out of 19 Wing Comox British Columbia, the CC-115 Buffalo is one of Canada’s primary fixed wing Search and Rescue aircraft. All six of these aircraft flown by the CAF are operated by 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron. The squadron is responsible for the area stretching from the Washington border to the Arctic, and from the Rocky Mountains to 1,200km into the Pacific.

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