Lockheed C 5 GalaxyLockheed C-5 Galaxy

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Top Speed: ~855km/hr (mach 0.79)
Range: 9,165km (with full payload)
Wingspan: 68m
Length: 75.31m
Crew: 7

The C-5 Galaxy is one of the United States Air Force’s (USAF) largest operational aircraft, and among some of the largest military aircraft in the world. First operated in 1969, the C-5 acts as an intercontinental air transport with a payload of 285,000lbs. Due to its power and carrying capacity it was even considered for the role of carrying NASA space shuttles, however was beat out by the Boeing 747.

The C-5 and its variants (C-5A, B, C, M Super Galaxy) have been operational in numerous major conflicts including Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan. It is also commonly used in global aid missions, as well as in support of allies such as Israel during the Gulf War.

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